Choosing the right fabrics in this ever changing weather…

We all struggle with what to wear in this everchanging weather. Everyone needs fabrics that are warm and dry when the rain and wind hit. However, the British weather dictates we also need something that is lightweight and breathable, for when the sun finally makes a rare appearance!

All families have been in that situation. A lovely day out, you set off and the weather looks great. Half a mile from the car, and the wind and driving rain set in! As a result you all quickly need wet weather clothing that’s made from fabrics that are warm, dry, lightweight and breathable.

Panic not, Cortman Textiles can help!

Here at Cortman Textiles we supply a number of manufacturers with a range of fabrics to make such clothing. All of which are coated by our specialist team to ensure that fabric is waterproof and breathable alongside any other requirements they may have.

If you manufacture such clothing or require fabric to have a specialist coating, please get in touch with our team we a have range of colours available.

Our fabrics have a realm of end uses such as:

  • Waterproof outdoor clothing, jackets, trousers, poncho’s, rucksacks and even phone cases!
  • Riding Jackets
  • Sportswear
  • Hi Vis workwear
  • Emergency services workwear, including Fire rescue, Ambulance and Mountain Rescue
  • Hiking and workwear boots

All in all, our range of fabrics are so versatile they can be used to make pretty much any wet weather clothing, essential for living and working in the glorious Great Britain!

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