Not all fabrics are equal but even the best fabrics can be further enhanced through the use of coatings. We have been coating fabrics for a long time and have some remarkable case studies where fabrics have been improved.

Enhancing your products

Coatings can be industry specific but it really doesn’t matter what type of fabric you use in your manufacture, it can be enhance through the use of coatings.

  • Fire and Ambulance may wish to improve fire retardant properties or inhibit bacterial growth on sheets
  • Law enforcement may want better waterproofing for their ballistic vests
  • The pet industry wants durability or perhaps decrease the likelihood of hairs attaching to fabrics
  • Recreational sports like parachuting and hot air ballooning will have leanings toward decreasing the porosity in ripstop, or improved resistence to UV damage

The uses really are endless.

The challenge is to take a closer look at your product line and create a wish-list of things that might improve the product itself. How many have their basis in coatings?