So what is the difference between Erebis camouflage and UK MOD MTP?


Crye Precision

It starts with Multicam. This pattern was developed first in the USA by Crye Precision and the transitional pattern was so successful that it wasn’t long before special forces teams around the world were starting to take notice, and even use it. Recognising the benefits of better concealment to lower casualty numbers, some defence departments requested or developed their own version.

The UK Multi Terrain Pattern is a derivative of Multicam and it incorporates elements of the UK’s original DPM pattern – most noticeable are the little dots but the brush stroke elements can also be seen.

– and as an adaptive pattern and colourway it was hugely successful. As Multicam’s popularity grew, other countries wanted to adopt it. . The UK had their version of Multicam developed and it’s called MTP. You can see the brush stroke influence.

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