Medical / Workwear/ INDUSTRIAL

Some examples of the speciality fabrics supplied by Cortman Textiles

  • High visibility and reflective fabrics for the safety of emergency services and other personnel operating outside in darkness hours.
  • Ballistic fabrics used with other materials to make stab-proof/bulletproof vests for armed forces, police and security personnel.
  • Fire / flame retardant fabrics used in high-temperature applications.
  • Anti-bacterial / anti-fungal treated fabrics for a wide range of end uses including medical & military applications.
  • Silicone-coated fabrics to make slide-sheets, used in the medical industry for transferring patients from bed-to-bed, or trolley-to-bed, without risk of back-strain injury to the medical personnel.
  • Weldable TPU & PVC fabrics used in garment construction where needle sewing is not an option, and an airtight seal is required. This has included sewer linings, linings for gas pipes and ducting. 

The above are only examples, and some of our customers cannot tell us about the end-uses for various reasons – they just give us a specification to work with.

We can tailor your fabric to the specific demands of the product or the application.

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