Cortman are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of camouflage fabrics, currently supplying over 200 different military camo print patterns worldwide to over 30 countries.

At the forefront of printing technology

In 2017 over 200,000 metres of MTP (Multi Terrain Pattern) fabric was delivered by us to the UK MoD contract supply chain. Woven and printed by our strategic partners in the UK and coated by us to provide the optimum capability for our armed forces. Naturally, as we manage the whole process, from weaving through to final coating, we are trusted to supply consistent high-performance fabric.

We are very proud to enjoy ‘key supplier’ status for such a vital aspect of our soldiers’ performance and safety.

Cortman Textiles has a ‘library’ of over 200 different camouflage patterns currently supplied to over 30 countries, and we are experts in IRR (infra-red reflective) performance.

We supply our own all-terrain camouflage pattern (Erebis) which is a popular choice for our customers, or we can work with you if you want to develop your own pattern.


Military specifications demand the most stringent capabilities – typically including…

  • Anti-fungal properties
  • Flame retardance
  • IRR capability (IRR capability is available on plain or printed fabric)
  • Tensile strength before abrasion
  • Tensile strength after abrasion
  • Wing tear strength before abrasion
  • Wing tear strength after abrasion
  • Water repellence before ageing
  • Water repellence after ageing

We use extremely hard-wearing texturised nylon (Cordura), printed to the highest specifications, then coated with a very high-performance coating to achieve the stringent MoD requirements!

  • Colour fastness to washing
  • Colour fastness to water
  • Colour fastness to perspiration, Acid & Alkali
  • Colour fastness to seawater
  • Colour fastness to light
  • Colour fastness to rubbing

(All our military camouflage is specially dyed to guarantee extreme colour fastness in challenging conditions like jungle or desert.)

And yes… our fabric supplied to the UK MoD passes all the above and more!

We can tailor your fabric to the specific demands of the product or the application.

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