Pets & Animals

Pet comfort & care through fabrics

Animals play an important part of our lives and they have needs too

Sometimes the protection is for them

  • like a bed
  • a waterproof coat
  • a safety harness

Sometimes the protection from them

  • a pet carrier or transit restraint
  • or a dog guard
  • or a car seat cover

Cortman Textiles have a wide range of fabrics in stock and already supply many customers. Some fabrics need to be tough, some soft, some waterproof, and some breathable.

The right fabric keeps your much loved pets comfortable and improves hygiene and ease of cleaning.

Whether you make coats to protect them from the rain, or seat covers to protect cars from pets…
…we will have a fabric to do the job!

We can tailor your fabric to the specific demands of the product or the application.

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