Polyurethane (PU) was developed to be used instead of rubber during WWII. The use of such coatings increased tenfold in the decades that followed.

The main benefit of PU coatings is the protection it provides for the surface it is applied to. This protection lends itself well to the coatings of fabrics and textiles. A PU coating provides protection from rain, mud, dirt and can also be made resistant to chemicals and oils. PU also has a superior ability to resist abrasion, oxidation and humidity providing exceptional longevity to the fabric and ultimately your end product, the possibilities for which are endless.

PU does not emit any harmful vapours to people or animals. Therefore it is an excellent choice for today’s environment.

Here at CORTMAN TEXTILES our PU coated fabrics have been manufactured into everything from military rucksacks to outdoor bean bags. We have even provided fabric to be made into covers for brass band instruments! If you are unsure if our fabric would work for you, please get in touch, we can provide samples and will help in anyway we can.